Craven Cottage

Visit & Accessibility

Resting on the banks of the Thames, Craven Cottage, the oldest football stadium in London, is a must see for any visitor or football fan travelling through London.

A stadium steeped in rich history and tradition, Craven Cottage is accessible via all major transport links. Make your way to the Cottage from Putney Bridge or Hammersmith Underground Stations, Putney Station or the local bus stop. There's even a ferry to Putney Wharf for those wanting to travel from the City.

First time visitors to the Cottage will be taken aback by the listed facade of the Johnny Haynes Stand.

There is always something happening at Craven Cottage, open 7 days a week. If you're not visiting for the excitement of matchday, why not book yourself onto one of our insightful stadium tours and get your taste of those locations usually reserved for only the players and staff.

For information regarding the accessibility of the ground, please follow this link for a detailed guide provided by AccessAble.