Tony Khan

In February 2017, Tony Khan was named as Vice Chairman and Director of Football Operations of Fulham Football Club.

He also holds the roles of General Manager and Sporting Director, liaising across all aspects of the Club in order to build, recruit and retain a strong and competitive squad.

Tony Khan assumed these responsibilities following a period of advising the football operations at Fulham, particularly in the areas of analytics and research. Starting in the summer of 2015, Tony Khan has played an integral role in the identification, recruitment and signing of the players —helping to continuously strengthen Fulham in all sporting areas.

Tony is the son of Shahid Khan, who purchased Fulham Football Club in July 2013 and is a co-owner of both FFC and the Jacksonville Jaguars, a National Football League team based in the United States where he holds the title of Senior Vice President, Football Technology & Analytics. Tony Khan is also the owner and chairman of TruMedia Networks, a Boston-based engineering firm specialising in innovative sports analytics solutions for leagues, franchises, and media partners across the athletic industry.

“This appointment brings a formal structure and recognition to the role that Tony has recently played on the football side of our Club and especially since the conclusion of last season,” Shahid Khan said at the time of the appointment.

“Tony has served the Club quietly but faithfully and extremely well during that time. He brings new practices to what we’re doing but not at the expense of what would be considered traditional and proven methods.  It’s important to remember there is no industry in the world that is succeeding today by doing things exactly the same way as they did yesterday, yet there are also some basic principles of success that are timeless. Tony has respect for the old and new, and that’s what we need to achieve the goal of returning to the Premier League in a manner that is responsible and sustainable for a long time.

“Tony also understands the scrutiny and responsibility that will come with this assignment. Tony welcomes it, as do I.”

In 2015, Tony Khan created the statistical research department at Fulham, where his goal was to complement traditional scouting methods with player performance analytics and proprietary football metrics in order to boost Fulham’s efforts to gain promotion back into the Premier League.

In 2016, he broadened his scope of responsibilities by actively immersing himself in all facets of the Club’s football operations, working with Head Coach Slaviša Jokanović and the entire football staff during the summer transfer period to recruit the FFC squad who came so tantalisingly close to promotion.

In 2017, Tony Khan built upon his previous years’ experience at the Club and continued to look at new ways in which the club could improve its performance on the pitch, without sacrificing the core values that had made them so successful the previous season.

“The biggest thing for me is I’m extremely excited for our long-term future at Fulham," Tony Khan said at the time of his appointment. "I’m really lucky to see the commitment of our staff, day in and day out, and better than anyone I know the commitment of our ownership.  I have quite a responsibility ahead and am proud to accept it.  I know all eyes will be upon me, and I’m ready for that.  No one will want and work harder for long-term success for Fulham more than I will.”

Tony Khan graduated from the College of Business at the University of Illinois in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science degree in finance.

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