Stadium Information

Stadium Address:
Craven Cottage
Stevenage Rd

Pitch Dimensions: 100 x 65 metres
Capacity: 25,700 (includes Cottage seating of 72)

Hammersmith End - Capacity 7,300 

The Hammersmith End is a HOME area only.

Known for its noisy and vibrant atmosphere it houses many of the most vociferous supporters, particularly towards the back & centre of the stand.

Corporate boxes are located at either end of the stand, with the Haynes Suites above Block H1.

Prior to stadium redevelopment this area was a covered terrace.

Toilets & betting facilities are located on the lower level of the concourse directly behind the stand.

There are a variety of permanent & mobile catering outlets located by the Hammersmith turnstiles, behind the stand and beyond Block H8, backing onto the River Thames. A mobile Retail unit is also located over by the perimeter wall, adjacent to the river.

Front Row: 2 (Blocks H3, H4, H5 & H6); 3 (Block H3); 6 (Blocks H1)
Back Row: XX
Total Rows: 55
Uncovered Rows: 2 – 6
Stairwell Entrance: Row HH

Johnny Haynes Stand - Capacity 5,832 

The Johnny Haynes Stand is a HOME area only.

This historic stand has witnessed Fulham matches now for over a century and was designed by the noted Scottish engineer & architect Archibald Leitch. The structure is a Grade II listed building protected by English Heritage.

Due to the age of the stand the sightline from a number of seats is partially obstructed by roof supporting columns.

The Upper Tier features wooden seating and is also home to the stadium Press Box.

The Lower Tier (denoted as Blocks AL – KL on the seating plan) was previously a standing paddock but has now been converted to seating.

Blocks A, AL, K & KL have been designated as the official Family Area. An area acessible to wheelchair users is located in Block KL, with access through the main Cottage Gate - an additional area for wheelchair users is located in Block AL (with access through Gate 50).

The stadium store is located beneath Block A and a kiosk located on the concourse is open for fans to visit once they have entered the stadium.

All of the catering and betting facilities are located on the main concourse. Most of the toilets are also located on the main concourse, with an additional gents facility upstairs at Block A.

Café at the Cottage, located beneath Block K is not open to the general public once the stadium has opened on a matchday.

Front Row: 1 (Blocks AL – KL); A (Blocks A to K)
Back Row: JJ (Blocks AL – KL); R (Blocks A to K)
Total Rows: 31
Stairwell Entrance: Row I

Putney End - Capacity 5,926 

The Putney End houses HOME & AWAY fans. 

The area adjacent to the Cottage pavilion is known as ‘Cottage Corner’, as it is nearest to the players’ entrance & the iconic Cottage pavilion which was constructed in 1905.

Owing to the Riverside development, the Away area allocation is capped at 1,900 tickets.

Accessible seating is available in Block P2 and P3 for home fans, whilst an area accessible to wheelchair users who support the visiting team is located in Block P6. 

Most of the catering, toilet and betting facilities are located on the concourse directly behind the stand.

Additional mobile catering kiosks are opened at half-time on the access ramp that leads down to the turnstile entrance, next to the Cottage pavilion.

Front Row: A (Blocks P2, P3, P5, P6); B (Blocks P1, P4)
Back Row: ZZ
Total Rows: 52
Uncovered Rows: A – E
Stairwell Entrance: Row JJ

Family Area

There are additional fun activities for junior ticket holders and families located in the Family Areas of the Johnny Haynes Stand. (Blocks A, AL, K, KL)

The gates to the stadium open 90 minutes before kick-off and the entertainment starts right away on the concourse underneath Block K. Pre-match activities include face painters & entertainers, at selected fixtures. There is also a chance to have your picture taken on the fantastic Fulham players wall, or with Club mascot Billy the Badger. You can also show your skills by playing against other young fans on state-of-the-art computer consoles. 

Please note that activities are restricted to ticket holders with seats in the Family Area. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times while using the facilities on the Family Area concourse. 

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Fixture List

You can keep up to date with the latest fixture information online.

Please note that the date & kick-off time may alter and it is the responsibility of the ticket holder to ensure that they are aware of any changes. We would advise checking in the week leading up to the match to ensure that the fixture date has not been altered.

In the event that a fixture is moved after tickets have been released for sale, any paper tickets that have already been issued shall remain valid for the rearranged game.

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Restricted View Seats

Restricted View Seats

Any seat at Craven Cottage where the view of either goalmouth is obscured by a permanent fixture or fitting is officially classified as having a 'Restricted View'.

Owing to the age of the stadium, there are a number of seats around the stadium that qualify as having a restricted view of either the Hammersmith or Putney End goalmouth. These tickets are priced accordingly (either on Season Tickets or individual match tickets) with a discount on the advertised face value for that area.

There are other seats in the stadium where a view of a portion of the pitch is partially obscured by a roof supporting pole or railing. Although no discount applies, the overall view from the vast majority of these seats is very good.

Ahead of booking, please contact the Supporter Relations Department or the Ticket Office directly if you would like information on discounted tickets, or the view from a specific seat or area of the stadium.

Hammersmith End 

Putney End

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Stadium Map

Visiting Team Fans

What to Expect

We aim to deliver a fantastic matchday experience for everyone. We are proud of the positive reputation our stadium has developed as a great venue to watch football and our staff will do everything they can to assist you whenever you visit us at the Cottage.

Our general FAQ guide contains a wealth of information that you may find useful when planning your matchday at the Cottage, including travel, ticketing, facilities and Ground Regulations. We encourage you to browse our guide, and please do contact our Supporter Relations team directly if we can be of further assistance. 

The information below also provides some brief additional details that may be useful to visiting team fans.


Putney End

The Putney End incorporates both the official visiting supporters seating and a home section. Please note that there is no longer a Mixed area. The official visiting supporters allocation of tickets is always sold directly through the visiting team.

There are shared facilities along the length of the Putney End concourse.

Visiting Bus / Coach Parking

Visiting team bus / coach parking is located north of the stadium on Fulham Palace Road (A219). Places are reserved for official club travel vehicles only and must be arranged in conjunction with the visiting club in advance of the day of the game.

Coaches park between the junction with Lillie Road (towards Hammersmith) and the junction with Inglethorpe Street (closer to the stadium). The maximum walking distance should be around half a mile and at a leisurely pace we recommend allowing up to 15 - 20 minutes to arrive at the Putney End turnstiles.

From the coach parking area the nearest pub is the Crabtree, located close to the banks of the River Thames on Rainville Road. The pub has an excellent beer garden and they are happy to welcome all well behaved home and visiting fans.

Food and drink are available inside the stadium, but if you need to make a quick stop first then there is a Tesco Express store located on Fulham Palace Road, at the junction with Wardo Avenue. The store has an ATM machine, for which there is a service charge. The nearest free bank machines are located outside Putney Bridge Underground station. 

Car Parking

Due to its location, Craven Cottage has no official stadium car park. Public parking regulations apply equally to home and visiting supporters and you can read more on parking options here.

Subject to availability, the Club can arrange free car parking places for disabled supporters or anyone with reduced mobility. Places are offered on a first-come-first served basis, with a limited number reserved for wheelchair users. Further information on accessible parking and other facilities can be found here

Public Transport

Further information on how to get to the Cottage is located in Travelling to the Game. There are a number of hub stations located all around London with links to every part of the country and the continent. An overview of the main railway stations is provided below.

Please note that this information is intended as a guideline only. We always recommend visiting for the very latest travel news and to plan your matchday journey from in and around London. 

Blackfriars, Cannon Street, Paddington and Victoria have direct connections to the District Line and Putney Bridge tube, which is the closest underground station to our stadium. Fenchurch Street is located within walking distance of Tower Hill, on the District Line. 

Please note that weekend engineering works do sometimes affect the availability of tube and rail lines and also the number of connections required to reach the Cottage. The estimated number of changes en route to the Cottage is highlighted below in brackets. Depending on your starting point, in some cases you may be faster to connect to Hammersmith tube than Putney Bridge or Putney Rail station. 

Hub Station (postcode) Key Destinations Putney Bridge Putney Rail
Blackfriars (EC4V 4DD) Bedford, Brighton, Luton 40 min (0 or 1) 45 min (2)
Cannon St (EC4N 6AP) East Sussex, Kent 38 min (0 or 1) 40 min (1)
Clapham Junction (SW11 2QP) Brighton, Gatwick Airport  22 min (1) 5 min (0)
Charing Cross (WC2N 5HS) Dartford, Dover, Ramsgate 34 min (0 or 1) 35 min (1)
Euston (NW1 2DU) Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester  40 min (1) 40 min (1)
Fenchurch St (EC3M 4AJ) Grays, Southend  42 min (0 or 1) 45 min (1)
Kings Cross (N1 9AL) Leeds, Newcastle, Sunderland  30 min (1) 40 min (1)
London Bridge (SE1 2SW) Bedford, Brighton, Dover 38 min (1 or 2) 30 min (1)
Liverpool St (EC2M 7PY) Norwich, Stansted Airport  42 min (1) 44 min (1)
Marylebone (NW1 6JJ) Birmingham  30 min (0 or 1) 46 min (2)
Paddington (W2 1RH) Cardiff, Heathrow Airport, Reading  24 min (0) 39 min (1)
St Pancras (NW1 2AR) Luton Airport, Nottingham, Paris 35 min (1)  38 min (1) 
Victoria (SW1E 5JX) Brighton, Gatwick Airport, So'ton  29 min (0 or 1) 24 min (1)
Waterloo (SW1 7NY) Portsmouth, Reading  36 min (1 to 3) 20 min (0)


Social Media

If rel="noopener noreferrer" you use Twitter, then it is well worth following @FulhamFC. If there are important updates concerning local area travel or the fixture itself, then the Club will announce details promptly through this account.

Match Programme

Our official match programme (£3.50) is on sale outside the stadium on Stevenage Road, in the stadium store, and on the concourses in the Putney End Stand.

It contains a wealth of features on both teams and the match fixture. Regular sections that may be of particular interest to visiting fans include:

  • Head to Head - match preview featuring statistics and club connections
  • Player Profiles - analysis of the visiting squad’s players and manager
  • Inside the Camp - interview with a current member of the visiting team squad
  • Expert Analysis - interview with an ex-player or legend from the visiting team
  • Squad Lists - full squad lists and shirt numbers for home and visiting teams

Big Screen Announcements

Birthdays and other friendly greetings can be displayed on the big screens at either end of the stadium and we are happy to welcome and share celebrations with visiting fans.

You can arrange announcements in advance of the day of the game by emailing or calling Supporter Relations on 0343 208 1222.

Messages will appear approximately 30 minutes prior to Kick-Off, and then again at Half-Time. If you wish to add a mention to our match programme, please send details to us no later than 7 days before the date of the game to:

Entering the Stadium

Putney End

Visiting fans tickets are located in the Putney End, with entrances on Stevenage Road on the side closest to Bishop's Park.

If you require extra help accessing the stadium then please visit Gate 1, which is located immediately to the left of the red brick turnstile block, as you face the entrances. A member of our Access Stewarding team will be pleased to assist you with entry and if required access to your seat. The Access team are easily identifiable in green jackets.

A steward is located at each gate to help with any queries. If your ticket is damaged, or entry is denied, then the best course of action is to visit the stadium Ticket Office in the Johnny Haynes Stand for further assistance. 

Bag Search

Once you have entered the stadium a member of our stewarding team may ask to conduct a quick search of any bags or containers. Bags are generally permitted inside the stadium provided that they will fit neatly and safely underneath your seat.

We also reserve the right to conduct person searches and will allocate female staff to search female supporters if this is required.

Prohibited Items

There is no definitive list of items that can or cannot be brought into the stadium. Our stewards will use their own judgement to assess items and a Left Luggage facility is available in the event that you have an item with which can’t be brought inside.

Further information can be found in the Ground Regulations.


Smaller flags can be brought into the stadium provided that they are not mounted on poles, contain no offensive wording or slogans, and are no bigger than 150cm in depth or width.

Larger flags and banners can usually be brought into the stadium provided that they are accompanied by a valid fire certificate. Please contact the Club in advance of your visit if you wish to arrange for a larger flag to be brought into the stadium. It is also important to stress that flags cannot be attached to any surface where they might obscure emergency signage. Please comply with the requests of our stewards in the event that a flag needs to be relocated or taken down.

Persistent Standing

Persistent standing is not permitted at Craven Cottage. We understand that fans may stand during exciting moments in the game, but respectfully ask that all supporters make every effort to remain seated during play. Persistent standing impedes the view of fellow fans, particularly senior supporters and younger children, and can lessen their enjoyment of the game.

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Family Zone

Family Zone

There are fun activities for junior ticket holders and families located in the Family Areas of the Johnny Haynes Stand at Craven Cottage. (Blocks A, AL, K, KL)

The gates to the stadium open 90 minutes before kick-off and the entertainment starts right away on the concourse underneath Block K. Pre-match activities include face painters & entertainers. There is also a chance to have your picture taken on the fantastic Fulham players wall, or with Club mascot Billy the Badger. You can also show your skills by playing against other young fans on state-of-the-art computer consoles.

Please note that activities are restricted to ticket holders with seats in the Family Area. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times while using the facilities on the Family Area concourse.

Child Safety at Craven Cottage

Matchday supervision of children 

The supervision of young people remains the accountability of the responsible adult they attend with at all times. 

The Club’s ticketing policy allows for children aged 12 and above to enter the stadium unaccompanied.

Trained stewards will be in and around the stadium to ensure that health and safety requirements are met but the Club is unable to accept responsibility for the care of indiviudal children. We recommend that anyone aged under 16 is accompanied by a responsible adult (ie: someone aged 18 or over) at all times.

All junior supporters must have a valid ticket before entering the stadium and where possible they should keep this with them while they are inside the ground. We reserve the right to request photographic identification of ticket holders. 

Entering the Stadium

The stadium opens 90 minutes prior to Kick-Off and we recommend that you are inside not later than 45 minutes before the start of the game. This will allow plenty of time to familiarise yourself with your area, the concourse facilities and the location of your seats.

We recommend allowing any children in your group to enter the stadium first. In the rare event of a problem with your tickets, this will ensure they are safely inside the stadium, rather than unaccompanied outside.

The procedure for problems with match tickets is to return to our Ticket Office, where your order can be verified and (if required) a replacement ticket issued.

If you find yourself unable to access the stadium, and children in your care are already inside, please ensure that both the steward outside the gate and the turnstile operator are quickly made aware of your circumstances. They will be able to help.

Leaving the Stadium

If there are young children in your party, then we recommend staying in your seats for 5 – 10 minutes at the end of the game. This will allow the majority of the crowd to disperse and make it easier to exit the stadium in comfort and safety. This is also a nice time to capture any last-minute photographs.


Seating Options

The Club has identified 2 areas that are most suitable for families. These are in the Johnny Haynes Stand, Blocks A, AL, K, KL.

In general terms all areas of our stadium provide a positive and welcoming atmosphere. However, it is worth researching other seating options in advance, thinking particularly about sightlines, ease of access to concourse facilities, noise levels and other chants and songs.

Our Ticket Office and Supporter Relations teams will be happy to provide guidance on seating options prior to finalising any ticket purchase for a game.

The front area of each stand is more open to the elements and it is important to dress appropriately for the weather, especially if your seats are marked as ‘uncovered’ on the seating plan or match tickets.


Lost Children

We recommend that you give your child a Safety Card to keep in their pocket. The Safety Card should include the child’s forename and a contact telephone number of a responsible adult who is with them at the match. In the unfortunate event that you become separated from your child, please report to the nearest steward immediately.

Meeting Points

Football stadiums are busy places and it is often worth agreeing meeting points that can be used in the event that you become separated from a child who is under your care.

Most of our matches are ticketed, and your allocated seats can be a useful marker and meeting point.

If you are outside the stadium then the Johnny Haynes Statue on Stevenage Road provides a visible point of reference. It is located next to the Cottage Gate entrance (used by players and officials) in front of the Johnny Haynes Stand.

Supporters in the Hammersmith End might wish to use the George Cohen statue. It is located prominently at the corner of the Hammersmith End concourse, where it meets the old Riverside Terrace.

One wall of the Family Zone in the Johnny Haynes Stand contains a colourful player’s mural. It is located underneath Block KL, which is at the end of the stadium closest to the Players Tunnel in an area that can be accessed by any ticket holder in this stand.

The Putney Ramp, immediately in front of the Cottage itself, is a useful reference point and landmark for fans in the Putney End.


Toilet Facilities

There are public toilets located in all areas of the stadium, mostly at concourse level. All toilets are segregated by gender and designated for either Male or Female use, but please note that there are no dedicated child-only facilities available.

The Male toilets all have at least one convenience set at a height which is easier for younger fans to use. 

The toilets do become busy in the period just before Kick-Off and at Half-Time and it is not uncommon to be required to queue at peak times.

There are individual Disabled toilets in each stand, which can be accessed with a RADAR key. These are all mixed use (Male and Female, Adult and Child) facilities.

Please speak to a steward if you require assistance in locating or accessing these facilities.


Baby Changing Facilities

Baby changing facilities are located in the Disabled Toilet units in each area of the stadium. They can be accessed with a RADAR key.

Please speak to a steward if you require assistance in locating or accessing these facilities.

Flying Footballs

Younger fans often enjoy sitting towards the front of the stand, where they can be closer to the action and the players. These seats are great for families and children, but please be aware of the potential risk of footballs entering the seating deck at high speed.

It is important that all occupants of seats, particularly in the front rows, are alert to the danger of footballs and fans should pay particular attention whenever play is centred near their area of the stadium.

Footballs most often leave during shooting practice in the pre-match warm up and at corners or set-pieces taken inside the final third of the pitch. However, football is a fast-moving game and you should be alert to this risk at all times.

Footballs that enter the seating deck must be returned. This can be done simply by throwing it back towards the nearest player, or a ball boy or girl located pitchside in front of the advertising boards.

Anti-social behaviour and language

Football matches are recognised as noisy, vibrant environments and the contribution of chants and songs by fans play a major part in the matchday experience.

The Club try to take a common sense approach to language and you should expect to hear some use of swearing or heated words, especially if your tickets are located away from the Family Zones. Some chants and songs contain swear words and other references that younger fans may not understand.

As a Club we do not condone persistent use of swearing, or any language or behaviour that is personally abusive or threatening towards another supporter or member of staff. Racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic language or chanting is illegal.

If you encounter any problems with behaviour or language, please speak directly with a steward so that positive action can be taken. The nature of the offence will determine our response. Where alternative options are available, our stewards will look to re-seat families if a request is made on account of language or the behaviour of other fans.

We advise that very young children are provided with ear protectors, owing to the decibel levels inside the seating deck when the match is in progress.


Further Information

For further information or guidance on our policies and procedures, please contact:

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Know The Game

The key ‘Know the game plan’ advice all fans are asked to follow is:

• Arrive early, allowing more time for security checks.

• Minimise what you carry, fewer bag searches will speed up entry to the ground.

• Be vigilant at all times and if you see anything suspicious, tell a steward right away.

• If you see anything that could pose an immediate threat to safety, call 999.

• In an emergency, listen to the Public Address instructions and follow them.

• If told to evacuate, do so immediately, do not wait around to film events on your mobile.

• Move right away from the stadium as quickly as possible for your safety and to allow clear access for any emergency vehicles.

• Once you are safe, follow the local police force on Twitter for updates.