Fulham FC FFCtv

FFCTV Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is FFCtv?

FFCtv is Fulham FC’s video and audio channel, which is accessed via the Fulham FC website, fulhamfc.com and mobile App.
Subscribers to this service will be able to view exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, access to live First Team video (subject to location) and audio commentary, as well as priority access to edited match highlights and full match highlights (after the official holdback period).

2. What is on offer?

Live Audio: Fans can follow matches with live commentary of every game during the season. The Club’s commentary service is provided by Gentleman Jim and Jamie Reid.

Live Video: Live video coverage of games is also available to all domestic and international subscribers, however due to EFL broadcasting rules and regulations there are restrictions on which fixtures can be broadcast on the FFCtv service.
Live video broadcasts can only be watched on desktop but can also be accessed on mobile and tablet devices via the Club’s official app. Live audio commentary is available on all devices and mobile browsers.

Additional Content: in addition to live audio and video, subscribers to FFCtv will enjoy full matchday coverage, including priority access to view match highlights – released exclusively to subscribers three hours after the final whistle – pre- and post-match interviews and analysis. On top of this, subscribers will enjoy live match coverage of PL2 fixtures as well as exclusive features presented by the Club.

UK - per game cost
£10 with subscription
£15 without subscription
INT'L - per game cost
£5 with subscription
£10 without subscription
Live match video stream (First Team)
Live match audio commentary
Matchday Content – Interviews (pre/post-match)
Match Highlights – Edited (three-hours post-match)
Match Highlights - Full replay/ 90 Minutes
Live match video stream (PL2)
Feature-length content
Behind-the-scenes & non-matchday content

3. Where can I access FFCtv?

All content on FFCtv is available across desktop, mobile, tablet and app. Live video and the ability to manage your account is available at www.tv.fulhamfc.com

4. How do I subscribe to FFCtv?

Fans can sign up to FFCtv via the official website – visiting www.tv.fulhamfc.com

5. How much does a FFCtv subscription or pay-per-view cost?

Packages available for 2019/20 are as follows:
FFCtv Monthly Pass (includes live audio): £5
FFCtv 2019/20 Season Pass (includes live audio): £45
FFCtv 2019/20 International Season Pass (includes live video and audio): £120

Monthly passes are a recurring fee where funds are taken automatically each month. Season passes expire on 25th May 2020.

Pay-Per-View: Video Match Pass
Available on a match-by-match basis:

UK & Ireland – per game cost
£10 with a monthly or seasonal subscription to FFCtv, or £15 without subscription

International – per game cost
£5 with a monthly or seasonal subscription to FFCtv or £10 without subscription

6. Will my seasonal or monthly subscription automatically renew?

Annual subscriptions will not automatically renew and will expire on the date stated when you sign up. Monthly audio/video packages will automatically renew unless cancelled. Individual game packages are one-off payments and will expire after the purchased game.

7. When can I watch live video of matches?

Location Weekdays
Mon - Fri*
12pm KO
- 5:15pm*
United Kingdom
& R.O.I.
Rest of the World

*unless scheduled for domestic and international transmission (Saturday 2.45pm-5.15pm kick-offs cannot be watched in the UK & Republic of Ireland regardless). Isle of Man and the Channel Islands are also excluded from live international streaming.

A number of games will be selected for live broadcast overseas, which means international subscribers will be unable to stream these games. Fans can visit the EFL’s Broadcast Schedule page which details all fixtures selected for TV coverage with at least five weeks' notice: https://www.efl.com/broadcast-schedule/

8. I live in the UK and Republic of Ireland – why do I not have the same access to FFCtv as international fans?

The EFL's broadcast contract with Sky Sports considers the UK and Republic of Ireland domestic territories and as such prohibits Fulham FC from broadcasting live in those regions, except for games that are permitted in the UK & Republic of Ireland also – for example midweek 7:45 pm KOs.
Under EFL rules, only games that kick-off outside the 3pm Saturday window can be live streamed. Bank Holiday fixtures and those shown live on Sky Sports are also excluded.
Please note that fixtures may also be selected by international rights holders apart from Sky Sports. These will also be excluded from live streaming.

9. Can I watch match replays?

Yes. The match replays will be available to subscribers on the Club’s official website.
An edited two-minute highlights package will be published exclusively to subscribers three-hours after a match, before a full match replay is made available on our official website approximately 24 hours after the game, subject to the EFL broadcast holdback.
For example, a 3pm Saturday kick-off will be available from noon on the Sunday.

10. Can UK & Ireland users purchase an audio commentary pass on a monthly basis or for a single game?

Live audio commentary is only available to UK & Republic of Ireland users on either an annual or monthly subscription basis. Live video is available seasonally, monthly or a one game basis for eligible broadcasts.

11. Will Cup games be live video streamed?

Due to EFL and FA broadcasting regulations, only league matches will be streamed via live video. FA and League Cup matches are not eligible for UK & Republic of Ireland or international fans. However, live audio commentary will still be available for all cup games for all our fans worldwide.

12. Does my live video subscription allow access to live audio commentary when a match cannot be broadcast?

Yes, your live video subscription includes all audio commentary streams. So, if a game is not available to watch live, you can always listen to it.

13. Do I have to pay further to watch the Club’s under-23s fixtures?

No, PL2 Fixtures are included within the Club’s seasonal and monthly subscription packages.



1. My subscription has increased - why?

As part of our efforts to continue to provide supporters with a premium service, the Club has also launched new features to the FFCtv service for 2019/20. This includes a dedicated website for FFCtv, www.tv.fulhamfc.com, and soon to be released free mobile App for both iOS and Android devices - enabling FFCtv subscribers the ability to live stream matches via mobile device for the first time. The Club will continue to develop its digital properties to ensure subscribers receive the best possible service.

2. Who can I contact for support?

FFCtv is serviced with support on both matchdays and non-matchdays. Please contact ffctvsupport@streamamg.com to discuss your enquiry or issue.

3. I've forgotten my Username / Password

If you've forgotten your username and / or password then please click on the relevant links on the login screen.
If you have any further queries, please contact customer services at ffctvsupport@streamamg.com and you will receive an email with your Username / Password reminder.

4. What happens if no live games are shown in my subscription period?

If you are on a monthly package, it is an accepted risk that some months will have more live fixtures than others, so no refund will be given in those cases. While we realise that this might be frustrating, we do not increase costs in months that have lots of available games.

5. How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, please email via ffctvsupport@streamamg.com with your cancellation request. Please be advised that three working days' notice is required for cancellation. Cancellation within this period may result in your being charged for the next period.



1. How do I watch the live streams?

If you have purchased a FFCtv subscription, either for the season or for a single match, you will be able to watch the match live two ways:

Using a PC or Laptop: the live stream will be available from the homepage of www.tv.fulhamfc.com on matchday.
To access it, simply scroll down to the FFCtv LIVE section and click on the tab that says Live Stream and login with your account.

Google Chrome is the preferred web browser for this service.

Please note, due to the EFL broadcasting rights, you will not be able to watch FFCtv through a television, other than using an HDMI cable from a desktop device. All other means are strictly forbidden under this ruling. This includes any airplay devices such as AppleTV and Chromecast.

Using a smartphone or tablet: Due to restrictions imposed on the Club by the EFL you are unable to view live match video via mobile browsers.
A new Club App to enable this function will be launched soon, with more information made available on fulhamfc.com

2. I’m having issues with my video or audio feed. What can I do?

During the game, please report your technical issues to ffctvsupport@streamamg.com who can investigate whether there is a problem with the broadcast.
If there are no issues at the broadcast end, we will need to complete troubleshooting steps, these may involve confirming details about the device, software and your internet connection.

*Please note, that it is your responsibility to ensure you are using compatible technology ahead of purchasing a live subscription.

3. How do I get a refund?

Refunds can only be issued for those who have reported a technical issue during the game and it proves to be a fault of our providers and cannot be rectified. Please note, that if you do not watch a stream through choice, or don’t report a technical issue to customer service during the game, we will not be able to issue a refund. Refunds will not be issued for supporters attempting to access via a VPN or using a smartphone or tablet browser.

4. I can see other fans sharing feeds/ streams online – can I watch these?

All feeds of the game are monitored by the club and the EFL. The EFL has a strict monitoring policy in operation and will prosecute individuals who illegally stream live games. We would ask anyone who observes these feeds to confidentially inform us via ffctvsupport@streamamg.com

5. If I live in the UK or Republic of Ireland and subscribe to FFCtv, will I be able to watch international games when travelling abroad?

Domestic fans travelling overseas will have the same access as international users only if they buy an international subscription to FFCtv once abroad. This is because the UK and Ireland subscriptions have different entitlements to the international subscriptions and you can only access international subscriptions outside of the UK & Ireland.

For international fans travelling to the UK & Ireland you won’t be able to view live streams that you are eligible for as your IP address when connecting to the internet will identify you as not being in an eligible country.

6. My feed keeps buffering. What’s wrong?

Is your connection fast enough? Try to stop all current downloads, videos you are watching or torrents and visit http://www.speedtest.net. Test your download speed. Results should show a minimum of at least 2Mbps to process streamed content along with usual browsing activities efficiently.

7. I’m receiving a “media not found” message

The live video or audio commentary player will only be live during a match. If the game has kicked off and you are receiving this message, please contact via ffctvsupport@streamamg.com